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Pan Allotment in Main Line Pan Works and Deodani Pan Works of SSL, Sambhar Unit

Magnesium Chloride prices at Kharaghoda

Company's Salt prices at Sambhar

Company's Rock Salt prices at Mandi, H.P.

Liquid Bromine prices at Kharaghoda

Notice Inviting offer for Sale of Salt from Deodani Kyar 9-10 Store

International Yoga Day Celebration at HSL/SSL

Grievance Redressal Committee of HSL/SSL

SOP for Prevenetion and Control of COVID-19 After Lock Down

Do's and Don's for Coronavirus(COVID-19)

Company Logo for use of all officials purpose across Corporate Office, Units and Locations

Expression of Interest (EOI) for Registration Of MSE’s/Start-Up/Women Entrepreneur in HSL & SSL

Download Conduct, Discipline and Appeal Rule 2018

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Board Members and Senior Management

Citizens� Duties Awareness Programme

All MSE Vendors may be required to be onboard Hindustan Salts Limited and Sambhar Salts Limited TReDS platform ( to facilitate shortening of cash cycle of MSEs and requested to register on MSME Samadhan Portal of M/o MSME for resolution of their Grievances (especially regarding delayed payments).

We are pleased to inform that Procurement through GeM (Government e-Marketplace) has been implemented in Hindustan Salts Limited and Sambhar Salts Limited. All suppliers (OEMs/Authorised Dealer etc.) of common use goods/services are requested to register themselves on GeM portal ( and upload their products/Services for improving business prospects.

Commodore Kamlesh Kumar(Retd.),C&MD
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